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Millbrook Motors

Vehicle Batteries

Millbrook Motors stocks all major brands in our premises. Battery faults are one of the most typical causes of vehicle breakdown. The main function of a battery is to start the engine; subsequently it’s used to stock energy offered by the alternator to meet the strains of diverse electrical structures fitted in the car.

Cared for appropriately, the correct battery for your vehicle should have a lifetime of 5 to 7 years Respectable driving practices can extend the longevity of your car battery and help to avoid vehicle failure.

Millbrook Motors endorse that you have your battery checked annually. Visit our premises where we can give your battery a check and guide you on the accurate choice of battery.


Call us today for a free quotation. Alternatively you can email us at


Millbrook Motors can provide a variety of tyre services. Our services include:

NCT Tyre Check
Roadside Service
Puncture Repair
Tyres for Cars, Trucks and Vans
New Tyres
Balancing & 4 Wheel Alignment

We stock all major tyre brands including:

First Stop

Decent customer service is a vital part of our business. Therefore, when we please our faithful customers, they help us develop, with positive feedback and on-going business with us, but we are recommended to their families and colleagues.

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