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Millbrook Motors

Hydraulic Hoses

Millbrook Motors stock an array of Gates Hydraulic Hoses. Gates are a worldwide producer of liquid power products and offers top quality hydraulic hoses, couplings, tube fixtures, adaptors and self-assembly tools for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and replacement industry clients.

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All of the hydraulic hoses that we stock are known for dependability and unmatched security. All of our hydraulic hose mechanisms meet and repeatedly surpass all the essential European and Global Standards.

Millbrook Motors supplies non-leaking / skive hoses that can last up to 3 times longer than other products therefore saving our customers wasting time and cash.

Our store also has supply an Adaptor assortment. Adaptors are required to complete hydraulic circuits which execute varying tasks:

Thread dimension adaptors – to decrease or increase the current thread
Thread conversion adaptors – to alter from 1 port thread to another to permit tube installing or hose connections to be performed
Hose end adaptors – hose to port, hose to hose etc.

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With the accumulation of the new adaptor variety, Millbrook Motors has taken its assimilated method to the next level where hoses, couplings, tube fittings and adaptors are made and produced together to get dependable port to port resolutions.

All of Millbrook Motors’ Hydraulic Hose products are of the highest quality at low cost prices.

Hydraulic Hose
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